Does the Electrical Contracting Industry have a Future?

The 2021 Vision research report, The Future of the Electrical Contracting Industry, by NICEIC and ECA clearly highlighted that sustainability is going to be the focus for the next ten years.

As renewable become more of a focus, there are an increasing number of opportunities for electrical contractor. These include:

  • The Government’s 15% of UK energy to come from renewable by 2020 target
  • The October 2012 Green Deal introductionSolar PV Course
  • Smart Meter installation in all homes by 2020

These and many other renewable opportunities around make ignoring this increase in renewable activity unwise as there are increasing opportunities for contractors which are set to continue as the UK moves to a sustainable future.

Green Deal

One of the opportunities above was the Green Deal which is coming out in October. This aims to make 500,000 houses per year more energy efficient through upgrades.

The opportunity for contractors obviously comes in the form of carrying out the upgrade work, but also there is the opportunity to become a Green Deal Assessor evaluating houses and giving clients options for types of energy saving upgrade work.

Because of the Green Deal, demand for solar technology, heat pumps, small generators and district heating systems are expected to increase.

Smart Meters

Smart Meters are to be installed in all UK households by 2020. They work by allowing communication between energy companies and houses. Contractors will be able to perform installation work and wireless system and data cable installations.

Even though the new build market has slowed down since the beginning of the recession, there is still plenty of opportunity for electrical contractors doing upgrade work and refurbish work on existing housing.

Although things are changing and new technology is beginning to change the electrical industry, these changes are exciting and give plenty of opportunity for learning new skills and gaining employment.

Written by Sara Thomson