Pressure and Steam Courses

Authorised Person - Boilers & Pressure Systems Course

Ideal for those who have been appointed as an authorising engineer/person mechanical, to advance your knowledge and understanding of steam and boiler pressure systems and how to safely and effectively comply with legislation.

Authorised Person - Boilers & Pressure Systems Course (Refresher)

For those who need to refresh their knowledge as an AP for Boiler and Pressure Systems, delegated will re-visit safety rules and procedures, risk assessment and operational duties.

Commercial Skilled Person Boiler & Pressure Systems Course

Ideal for Skilled Persons or prospective persons in charge, or those appointed to work on company-specific mechanical systems toward safety rules and regulations. Delegates will gain a greater understanding of legislation, and what is expected of key personnel as well as learning to work more safely and effectively.

Steam Awareness Course

Designed to give a basic introduction to the essential requirements of safe working procedures on steam boilers and steam systems. Ideal for skilled persons and general process staff.

About Pressure and Steam Courses

PASS provides a range of steam and pressure courses suitable for beginner to more experienced engineers. The range of courses includes Authorised Persons and Refresher courses to Skilled Boiler and Steam Awareness. So, whether you are new to working with steam or have been appointed as an Authorised Person/Persons in charge, there is a course suitable for you!

These courses aim to give you a better understanding as well as upskilling you or your employee’s to work more safely, and more knowledgeably around steam and boiler systems whilst improving communications between your team.