Enhanced Learning Credits Provider

Use your ELCAS credits on an electrical training course

PASS have great support for the military and have worked very hard to ensure that all serving and ex-forces personnel can access courses and training as easily and simply as possible.

As an approved learning provider for the Ministry of Defence Enhanced Learning Credit scheme from ELCAS, you can use your enhanced learning credits to pay for any courses with us at level three or above, which will also provide you with a nationally recognised qualification and allow you to begin your new career in the electrical industry as quickly as possible.

ELC’s Not Just for Resettlement

Enhanced Learning Credits can be claimed by all service personnel annually as they are provided to encourage personnel to undertake training and qualifications during their military careers as well as on resettlement.

There is an annual allocation of enhanced learning credits for each serving member, whether you choose to use this allocation or not is personal choice. However, those who do use their enhanced learning credits whilst still serving in the military often find themselves in a much better position for employment when the time does come to leave military life behind.

Leaving Military Life

Leaving military life can be a daunting prospect and can be one which fills many with dread as to what to do first and where to start.

With many other things to think about, such as where you’re going to live after you leave your SFA and where to begin the transition to civilian life, thinking about training courses can sometimes seem like just another thing to deal with.

However, having decided that the electrical industry is for you, PASS can help you find the right course for your future career ambitions and help you navigate through the enhanced learning credit system to get your course paid for.

We deal with beginners and industry experts daily and are well versed in answering many questions, from where to start to which advanced course is best, so can help you find the perfect course to begin your post-military life with confidence.

Forces Resettlement

If the time has come to leave forces life behind and begin your resettlement, the good news is that as part of your package you can train in electrics with us and gain recognised qualifications to be able to begin working in the industry as soon as your qualifications are completed.

We are used to dealing with people from many different careers who want to make that change to the electrical industry and the military is no exception. Many ex-service personnel regularly choose us for their forces resettlement training as we are industry experts and provide excellent training standards, facilities and the benefit of a vast knowledge of many aspects of the electrical industry.

If you are interested in building a career in the electrics, there is a wide variety of ways you can enter and a wide variety of particular roles open to you. Which you choose will depend on your ambition and career plans post-military.
Whatever you ultimately decide, you can be certain that studying for an electrical career with us will help you gain the qualifications you need to successfully begin your civilian life.

The Electrical Industry

In recent years the electrical industry has faced a skills shortage and has been in high demand. It is thought that this is due to a decrease in the amount of people entering the industry whilst retirement figures have remained constant, resulting in a shortage of skilled workers actively working in the industry.

This means that those choosing the electrical industry as a career option can be confident that there is a demand for skilled trades-people in this area.

This is good news for those leaving military service who are constantly bombarded with messages about how dire the economic climate is and how difficult things are. To find an industry which is doing well is a huge bonus, especially if it is one you are interested in.

By choosing PASS, you can be sure of quality training from one of the leading electrical training companies in the country.

We have training locations across the UK and have a state-of-the-art main training centre in the North East of England with dedicated training bays, classrooms and solar PV training facilities.

How to Claim Enhanced Learning Credits

If you are a serving member or an ex member of the forces and are entitled to claim enhanced learning credits, follow this simple guide:

1. Decide on your ideal electrical training course by looking through the electrical training course website or give us a call if you would like help choosing which is best for your future career

2. Apply to ELCAS for your enhanced learning credits. Your resettlement or education officer will be able to advise you on how to do thi

3. Once this has been processed, you will receive a Claim Authorisation Note also known as a CAN.

4. You must then give the CAN along with a 20% payment for the course to PASS. This 20% can count as your deposit for the course

5. You will then be booked onto your chosen course

Please Note:
You should leave approximately 5 weeks lead time before your chosen course date to allow the funding application to take place.

If there are any pre-requisites for your chosen course, ELCAS will check this and make sure you meet the pre-requisites before issuing you with a CAN.

To find PASS on the ELCAS database: Visit www.enhancedlearningcredits.com

We are listed as Portable Appliance Safety Services Limited on the database and you can find us by searching for the term ‘electrical’

Don’t forget that you can use your yearly allocation of enhanced learning credits to do courses with us, you don’t have to wait until you are leaving the military.

Eligible Courses

Here is a list of the courses which are eligible for funding via your enhanced learning credits. For further information on this or any other aspect of training for a career in electrics, contact us on 0845 365 39 45.