Course Overview

Advanced thermal camera training course for those who already hold an ITC Category 1 certificate.

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Course Title: ITC (Infrared Training Centre) Category 2 Thermography ISO18436 PCN

Course Length: 5 days

Pre-requisites: You must hold a valid Level 1/Category 1 Thermography certificate. You will also be expected to prepare a case study to be presented at the category 2 course and submitted towards a qualification at course closing. Details and guidelines on the case study will be issued 2-3 weeks prior to the course start date

Recommendations: Bring your laptop (with thermal camera software), thermal camera and a scientific calculator with you as they will be used extensively throughout the course

Qualification: ITC Level 2 Qualification in Thermography

About the ITC Level 2 Thermography Training Course

If you already hold an existing Level 1/Category 1 thermography training certificate, you can expand your knowledge and abilities by taking the Level 2 thermal camera training course.

As a higher-level course, after completion you will be able to provide guidance to another category 1 thermographers, helping them to pick equipment, use techniques, advise on limitations, perform data analysis, corrective actions and reporting.

The course focuses both on reinforcing your knowledge from the Level 1 course and expanding it further. You’ll learn about a wide variety of topics, deepening and broadening your knowledge of infrared physics, heat science, infrared measurements equipment and its application.

Course content includes:

  • Introduction to Thermography – a review of the Level 1 Thermography course
  • Temperature – conversion factors between Kelvin, Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Heat Transfer Theory – convection, conduction and radiation plus radiation laws
  • Thermography – this comprehensive section covers all of the following: black bodies, emissivity, Planks, Boltzman, Newton, Wein’s laws, optical filters, optical materials, anti-reflective coatings, atmospheric transmission and attenuation, detector technologies and calibration + measurement techniques
  • IR Measurement Systems Overview – Details of different thermal imaging camera parameters including NETD, IFOV and MFOV
  • IR Windows and Window Materials – window measurement formulae, spectral transmittance of different materials
  • Transient Thermographic NDT: transient thermographic methods analysed

The course will conclude with an ITC qualification test on the last day of the course.

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