Thermography Courses

Thermal imaging courses for experts in the fields of energy consumption

The Flir Thermography training courses have been designed for new and experienced thermal imaging camera users. Thermal imaging is becoming more in demand and is a way for people to learn about saving energy and finding hidden problems in buildings and other applications.

The basic introduction to thermography course provides practical experience with infrared cameras for beginners and others who would like to learn more about thermal imaging camera use.

The five day advanced thermography course provides practical and theory teaching and includes an ITC qualification.

Building Thermography Course

Building Thermography

1 day thermal camera short course aimed at beginners and building professionals.

Electrical Thermography Training Course

Electrical Thermography

Learn how to spot problems within electrical systems using a thermal imaging camera.

Introduction to Thermography Course

Introduction to Thermography

From beginners to experts you can learn to utilise your thermal imaging cameras effectively and efficiently with this niche one day introduction to thermography course.

ITC Level 1 Thermography Course

ITC Thermal Camera (Thermography) Training - Level 1

Hands-on 5 day thermography course designed for anyone needing a thermal camera qualification.

ITC Level 2 Thermography Training Course

ITC Thermal Camera (Thermography) Training - Level 2

Expand on your thermography knowledge and get a deeper insight into thermography.

ITC Thermal Camera (Thermography) Training – Level 3

Our highest level thermal camera training course, available for those who have completed the Level 2 course.

Gas Thermography Training Course

Optical Gas Thermography

3 day course for gas professionals to learn optical gas thermography.