Course Overview

Beginners and experts can learn to use infrared cameras effectively

Duration: 7-8 Hours (Single day)

Suitable for: Beginners and anyone interested in thermography

Pre-requisites: None

Recommendations: A sound understanding of natural science + technical background

Qualification: No formal certification. Certificate of attendance can be obtained

Exam: No

Learn all of the basics of thermography with this single day course!

Designed to give complete beginners to thermal cameras sound knowledge on how they operate and how they are used, this course includes technical theory, demonstrations, hands-on camera training and practical exercises.

Candidates can expect the following content as part of the Introduction to Thermography Course:

  • Basics of thermography
  • Basics of emissivity + reflected apparent temperature
  • Introduction to electrical and industrial thermal inspections
  • Thermal camera handling
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Laboratory sessions

The course includes approximately two hours of hands-on experience with thermal cameras. Delegates will be able to view a wide variety of different materials using the cameras to see how the type of material has an effect on temperature readings.

This course is best suited for those looking to gain a sound understanding of thermography before taking part in Level 1 Thermography Training.

Upon completion, candidates will have a sound understanding of how to use entry level thermal cameras such as the FLIR E4, E5 and E6.

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