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Course Duration: 3 Day

Location: Stockton-On-Tees High Voltage Training Centre

Assessment: Written Examination & Practical Examination

Certificate Gained:  PASS Certificate of Competency (Certificate of Attendance gained for those who do not pass the tests)

Entry Requirements: Basic electrical experience recommended  – see below for further details

Included: Course entry and examination costs, lunch and refreshments (tea, coffee and juice)

Reading Requirements: There are no peripheral reading requirements for this course

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About the Marine/Offshore Authorised Person Safe Operation of HV Power Systems Course

This training course is designed to give you (subject to client approval) the ability to enter marine/offshore high voltage switch rooms to perform limited switching operations etc. on high voltage equipment.

After completion, you will be permitted to issue limited safety documents (for example isolation documents) but will not be able to issue permits to work, sanctions for testing etc.

An intermediate level training course – you must have at least a basic level of electrical knowledge to successfully complete this programme. There are, however, no formal entry requirements for the course.

What’s Covered In the Course?

With a strong focus on marine/offshore electrical power systems, this course will develop your knowledge of these systems and allow you to enter substations/switch rooms in this environments.

After completion, you will have knowledge of restricted switching operations, be able to monitor the performance and condition of a system (including relay operation) and be able to work in a safe, competent manner. You will also gain knowledge and awareness of limited safety document issuing responsibilities.

The following subjects are covered as part of this course:

  • Safety Requirements
  • Electrical Hazards and Precautions
  • Arrangement of High Voltage Substations/Switchrooms
  • Emergency Conditions
  • Philosophy of High Voltage Distribution
  • Operation and Safety Features of Switchgear
  • Limited Operational Procedures
  • High Voltage Safety Rules
  • The Role of Protection Relays
  • Treatment of the System (Neutral Point)
  • Practical Switching Exercise
  • Case Studies
  • Course Review

What Assessments Are There?

After completing all of the modules, you’ll take part in both a written examination and also take part in a practical examination. Both most be passed to receive the qualification.

Are There any Entry Requirements?

As an intermediate level training course made for marine and offshore personnel, you should work in these environments and have a basic understanding of electrical systems and their operation.

It is a requirement that anyone attending training must have a good understanding of both spoken and written English.

Any concerns about your suitability for this course? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

About the PASS High Voltage Training Centre

To train to safely work with high voltage equipment, you need a realistic simulation of the actual conditions you’ll face when working. The PASS high voltage training centre has been designed to give you this experience, with authentic switchgear, transformers and other HV equipment for you to work with during your course.

Our courses are led by our experienced HV training professionals, each of whom has worked for several decades in the HV industry. When you’re not out performing practical tasks in the HV centre, you’ll be in our classrooms learning the important theory behind your course, or relaxing in our canteen for your provided lunch.

The PASS HV training centre is in Stockton-On-Tees, which is situated in North East England. It’s within easy access from all major motorways such as the A1 and A19 and is excellent for anyone travelling from Sunderland, Durham, Newcastle and the surrounding area. If you are travelling from further away or overseas, we can help you with finding a place to stay during the course and ensure you have everything you’ll need during your stay.

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