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You’re probably already aware of the fantastic range of High Voltage Training Courses that PASS Training and Development provide. However, you may not know about our excellent training facilities. At PASS we have recently launched a new High Voltage Training Facility designed by tutors who are industry experts, alongside a programme which supports the trainee every step of the way, our new facility mimics a real-life HV environment. why not take a look around our tremendous facilities yourself with our guided 360 Tour.

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Fundamentals of High Voltage Protection & Relay Testing

This course is designed to give you a thorough theoretical and practical understanding of both high voltage and low voltage electrical protective equipment used on industrial and high voltage power systems. Book now by choosing your course date, or call us on 01642 987 978/email training@pass.co.uk for more information Course Details Course Duration 5 days […]

Authorised Person Training – Limited Safe Switching of HV Power Systems (Refresher)

Refresh your knowledge of safely operating HV power systems with this training course (ideal for those who have previously completed the HVS01 course).

Marine & Offshore Senior Authorised Person Safe Switching of HV Power Systems

Train to be a senior authorised person responsible for performing HV power switching in marine/offshore environments with this course.

Marine & Offshore Authorised Person Safe Operation of HV Power Systems

Train to safely operate high voltage power systems used in marine/offshore environments with this authorised person HV training course.

Wind Turbine SAP Training: Safe Switching of Power Distribution Networks

Learn to safely perform switching on both on and offshore wind turbines with our SAP authorised wind turbine training course.

Practical Introduction to the Safe Operation of High/Low Voltage Switchgear up to 15kV

New to switchgear operation? This course is suitable for both electrical/non-electrical personnel and is an excellent starting point if you are aiming for full switching authorisation.

High Voltage Sanction for Test Receipt Authorisation Course

Become qualified to receive sanction for test documents in high voltage applications with this course.

Senior Authorised Person – Safe Switching Operation of High Voltage Power Systems (SAP)

Train to be a senior authorised person responsible for performing switching operations and issuing safety documents.

Safe Access to High Voltage Substations and Switchrooms

Need to carry out duties such as cleaning, meter reading or other non-electrical maintenance in HV substations/switchrooms? This course will help you to safely enter and work within these environments.

Authorised Person HV Training

Authorised Person Training – Limited Operation of High Voltage Power Systems

Become an authorised person capable of performing limited switching operations in HV substations and switchrooms with this course.

Earth Electrode Testing on High Voltage Systems

Learn to safely perform high voltage earth electrode testing with our comprehensive HV training course.

Dielectric Strength Testing (Pressure Testing of Cables/Transformers and Switchgear)

Learn the theory and practical skills to safely perform dielectric strength (hipot) testing on high voltage equipment with this training course.