Safe Access to High Voltage Substations and Switchrooms Training Course

Need to carry out duties such as cleaning, meter reading or other non-electrical maintenance in HV substations/switchrooms? This course will help you to safely enter and work within these environments.

Course Duration: 1 Day

Location: Stockton-On-Tees High Voltage Training Centre

Assessment: Written Examination

Certificate Gained:  PASS Certificate of Competency in Safe Access to High Voltage Substations and Switchrooms (Certificate of Attendance gained for those who do not pass the tests or decide not to take the tests)

Entry Requirements: No previous experience needed – open for both electrical and non-electrical personnel

Included: Course entry and examination costs, lunch and refreshments (tea, coffee and juice)

Reading Requirements: There are no peripheral reading requirements for this course

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About the Safe Access to High Voltage Substations/Switchrooms Course

This training course is designed for electrical and non-electrical personnel who need to enter high voltage substations, or switchrooms as part of their work. As a safe entry course, this training is designed for those who will not directly interact with HV equipment inside the substation or switchroom; it is ideally suited for those who may enter to undertake specific duties such as reading meters, cleaning or painting etc.

Safe Access to HV Substations and Switchrooms is designed to give you an understanding of the dangers and associated safety requirements within these environments. It will focus on electrical hazards, different types of HV equipment and the precautions you should take to prevent danger to both yourself and others.

This high voltage training course also covers the arrangement of equipment within substations and switchrooms, steps to be taken in an emergency and various other associated elements.

The following elements are covered as part of this course:

  • Safety Requirements
  • Electrical Hazards and Precautions
  • Arrangement of High Voltage Substations
  • Basic High Voltage Safety Procedures
  • The Role of Protective Relays
  • Emergency Conditions
  • Demonstration of Switchgear Principles
  • Electrical Incidents
  • Course Review

Course Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course. A basic understanding of electricity and high voltage equipment is beneficial, but not essential.

Anyone attending training should also have a good level of both spoken and written English.

Not sure if you’re right for this course? Just call the training team and they’ll be able to answer any of your concerns and point you in the right direction.