Cable Avoidance & Fault Finding Courses

CAT & Genny Operator Course

CAT & GENNY Operator Training Course

This CAT and Genny training course is ideal for anyone who works in the utilities, construction, transportation, communications, petrochemical industries or works as contractors in those sectors, who may need to carry out excavation work.

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Underground Cable Fault Location Course

Underground Cable Fault Location (BTAC 020)

This Foundation Underground Cable Fault Location course is great for those who want to learn more about Cable Fault Location of medium and high voltage cables and have had no previous experience. It will provide you with the familiarity of cable fault characteristics and give you an overview and general understanding of the common methods and processes used for cable fault location.

About Cable Avoidance & Fault Finding Courses

The CAT and GENNY Course (also referred to as Cable Avoidance Training) is an essential course for anyone that has to carry out excavation work as part of their job role. Suitable for supervisors, managers, and users of CAT & Genny (cable avoidance tools) equipment.

It will enable the users to competently use cable avoidance tools (CAT & GENNYS) to identify areas that pose a risk of striking buried underground services such as cable and pipes.

The course teaches the user how to recognise the risks and how to use the CAT and Genny equipment to effectively avoid dangerous and costly cable strikes!

The courses are designed for any person working on areas such as roads, building sites, those excavating to lay down or dig up utilities and communications, site surveyors, petrochemical and transport industry.