The Solar Revolution is Here

As a nation the UK lags behind the rest of Europe in the Solar PV market. However, experts are predicting that this is set to change as the UK solar revolution gets under way.
Solar Panel Installation CourseThe revolution stems from the government’s introduction of feed-in-tariffs in April this year. Market growth following this is expected to be significant.

A report published by the European Photovoltaic Industry Association states that Germany is still the European leader in the Solar PV market holding a 68% share. Italy and the Czech Republic follow Germany in this trend with Belgium and France both showing steady growth in 2009.

The UK comes in last on the list, but this is starting to change with the new feed-in-tariff from the government set up to encourage businesses and homeowners to install renewable energy.

This is giving the UK’s solar PV market the boost it needed with more people now turning to renewable energy as an alternative source.

The expected substantial growth will help the UK catch up to the rest of Europe. This is also boosting the job industry as more Solar PV installers are required to meet demand and, in turn, training courses are required to help electricians utilise this demand.

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