Discover Solar Courses and Grab a Discount Course

The recent launch of the Solar Panel Installation course for Roofers saw a vast number of enquiries as to the difference between this new course and the Solar Panel 3 Day Installer Course.

Solar Roofing Installer Course 9The three day solar panel course has been designed to teach candidates how to connect the solar panel arrays to the electricity supply and electrical grid of a domestic or commercial property. However, candidates must be verified 17th Edition and Part P qualified domestic installers or electricians to gain entry on this course.

Even though this course includes practical fitting of the physical arrays to the roofing tiles, it doesn’t cover the complexities of an installation and roofing types. The practical session covers fitting the arrays onto the pre-installed bars. As demonstrated in the photo to the right.

Solar Roofing Installer Course 14The one Day Solar Roofing Installation course has been designed to teach experienced roof fitters and roofing installers how to safely install a solar panel array to a building.

Covering various elements of fitting a solar array to differing commercial or domestic buildings and effective installing whilst considering direction and allowing for wiring, this course highlights all the important factors of completing this type of work safely, as demonstrated in the photo right. This course does not cover the connecting of the Solar Panel arrays to the electricity supply.

To undertake either of these courses, candidates must be comfortable working at heights.

In summary;

  • 17th Edition and Part P qualified domestic installers and electricians can sit the Solar Panel Installer course, designed for connecting and installing the panels to the electricity supply.
  • Experienced roofers can sit the Solar Roofing Installation course, designed for fitting the physical arrays to a tiled roof.

As a special treat for blog readers, the 14th February Solar course is available at £399 instead of £499.

Call Carole or Amy in the training department on 0845 365 39 45 and ask about this blog offer, but hurry this is only available for a limited period.