ESC Opinion of Part P Review

Last year the Government said that they were planning to review Part P of the Building Regulations.

Proposals are said to include either a diluted version or an abandonment of Part P altogether.

However, the Electrical Safety Council is very concerned over this stance and are aiming to ensure that the Government understands the need for Part P, all-be-it in a more effective, streamlined version.

The ESC believe that there are some valid issues with Part P but that it just needs revising and not removing completely. They say that the complex nature of Part P needs to be reduced whilst at the same time allowing continuing protection and safety.

The benefits of Part P are too vital to be completely lost and things like its ability to cover householder protection, consumer care and the improvement of contractor skills are all beneficial aspects to Part P we can’t afford to lose.

ESC are currently working with some industry experts and groups in order to help inform the Government on the best way to approach Part P without compromising on safety.

In the meantime, the rest of us can just carry on with the current regulations as they stand at the moment, until the Government decides what to do about Part P in the future.

Written by Sara Thomson