Electrical Apprenticeships Down, What Now?

A business, whether it is a new one or a more established one, needs training for existing staff and new employees.

The electrical industry is no exception and training for new people and already established workers is vital to ensure continued efficiency and to keep workforces at their peak performance.

Electrical Training courseThe most traditional method of training in the electrical world is through an apprenticeship. However, with finances being squeezed across all sectors at the moment, it is often training methods like this that are the first to suffer.

Electrical apprenticeships are no exception and have been showing a decrease in recent years. The problem with this is that the electrical industry has already been facing a skills shortage and needs to continue to have a vast array of new talent coming into the field in order to decrease this existing shortage.

There are alternatives for those who fail to get an apprenticeship place. By taking an electrical course with PASS Training and Development, those who are keen to get into the electrical industry can still achieve this.

PAT TrainingWith a wide range of training courses  for those wanting to develop skills as well as courses for beginners that can train from no experience to qualified, we will have the ideal course for you to achieve your goals.

For those new to the industry, try the electrical course packages which have been specially designed for beginners Those who are already in the industry and want to develop existing skills, try the Solar PV Installer course which can add a lucrative dimension to your existing skills.