The 17th Edition Winning Formula

Alec Cropper - 17th Edition StudyingAlec Cropper is a local success story, a mature student that has decided to pursue his life-long interest in electrics. With a view to becoming an Electrical Installations Inspector, he has been studying at Darlington College.

After recently attending the North Electrical Trade (NET) fair, Alec won the prestigious 17th Edition course and admitted that “It was the only one I really needed.”Alec was exceptionally happy when PASS contacted him with the good news about his win.

Alec, an ex-civil servant, has been studying at Darlington College to pursue his ambition of becoming an Electrical Installations Inspector and the 17th Edition Course from PASS is going to further enhance Alec’s ambitions.

Alec’s attendance of the NET fair cemented his confidence in PASS’s training centre and facilities, and he is now planning to return in the future to complete the Solar Photovoltaics Installer Course. Alec says “PASS’s training centre is amazing and fantastic, I have loved my time here.”