Ex Soldier PASSes Exam

Scott Peers was a member of the HM Forces Coldstream Guards for only one year however, despite his short stint as a soldier, he gained valuable knowledge of the difficulties soldiers face when leaving the military.

Scott PASSes ExamScott was lucky enough to gain employment straight away when he left the Army but admitted that it’s much harder for soldiers to leave after being ‘in’ for a long time. “I know people who have really struggled to get a job when they leave.”

The Army is good in lots of ways but when it comes to ‘civvy street’ it all depends on experience. “You might have all the certificates, but if there is someone with less certificates but four years more experience the employer will almost always take the experienced candidate.” This is where ex-soldiers are missing out; according to Scott the transferability of Army skills depends on what core a soldier is in.

At PASS Scott completed the Fundamental Inspection and Testing Exam and stated that this qualification puts him above everyone else in his working field as a Virgin Media Technician, due to there being no one doing his job in the North East that has this qualification. This allows Scott job security as his employers have invested money to allow him to become qualified as a benefit to both parties.

Scott says, “I would have loved to have completed my course here, looking at all PASS’s facilities, it is completely set up for courses like the one I have just done and I may have been able to pass it first time.”