Microgeneration Assessment, What is it?

Often the details of what a microgeneration certification scheme assessment actually is can be difficult to understand.

Here we answer some of the questions most asked about Microgeneration Certification assessments.

What is a Microgeneration Certification Scheme Assessment?

The MCS scheme was brought about by the Department for Energy and Climate Change in order to help meet the target of reducing carbon emissions and increasing renewable energy use in the UK.

It is a yearly assessment of your competence when installing renewable technologies, such as Solar PV installation.

How Long Does the Assessment Take?Solar Panel Installation

Usually the assessment of an installation will require a half-day time plan. Your assessment date will be provided within 4-6 weeks of application.

How Do I Get My First Site Inspection?

As your customer may be eligible for funding or tariffs from the commissioning date of the installed system, often this first site can be difficult to get. However, it is possible to use this first installation for your site assessment without loosing eligibility for funding tariffs, by re-commissioning the system once you have successfully passed your assessment.

How Often Do I Need To Be Inspected?

To maintain your registration, a surveillance and assessment visit will need to take place every 12 months.

What About Costs?

You will need to pay for the assessment itself, the annual license fee to Gemserv of £110+vat and a £15 job notification fee, and become a member of an OFT registered code of conduct with Real Assurance, prices from £220+vat.

If you are interested in the Solar PV industry, visit the Solar PV course pages where you can get information on the PV Installation course which, once completed, will allow you to register on a Microgeneration scheme.