Inspection and Testing Courses

City & Guilds 2391-51 (Level 3) Periodic Inspection & Testing of Electrical Installations Course

A fully accredited City and Guilds electrical training course, 2391-51 covers both the theory and practical work required to test and verify electrical installations and is an excellent course for any practising electrician who would like to work more closely with electrical installations.

City & Guilds 2391-52 (Level 3) Combined 2391-50 & 2391-51 Inspection & Testing Course

This training course combines together the City and Guilds 2391-50 and 2391-52 courses and is ideal for anyone wanting to perform inspection and testing on electrical installations.

City & Guilds 2391-50 (Level 3) Initial Verification of Electrical Installations Course

Learn to perform initial inspection of electrical installations with this fully accredited City and Guilds Level 3 training course.

Introduction To Inspection and Testing Course

Introduction to Inspection & Testing Course

Made for those with no prior electrical training, this course will teach you the fundamentals behind inspection and testing and allow you to move on to further qualifications.

City and Guilds 2392-10 Course

City & Guilds 2392-10 Fundamental Inspection, Testing & Initial Verification Course

Aimed at practicing electricians, this course teaches you the fundamentals behind electrical inspection and testing of installations. Ideal for moving on to further courses!

About Inspection and Testing Courses

Ideal for electricians, electrical installers and companies responsible for inspection & testing of electrical installations

The City & Guilds Inspection & Testing courses are aimed at working electricians involved in the inspection and testing, verification, and certification of electrical systems. These courses have superseded the old City & Guilds 2391 course previously available.

The inspection and testing courses are most suited to those with an installation background and who have gained a 18th edition qualification.

The Introduction to Inspection & Testing of Electrical Installations Course is ideal for beginners. 

The Fundamental Inspection, Testing and Initial Verification (2392) – Level 2 Course is for those who need to test and verify installations. It does not qualify you to certify electrical systems (see below).

 Those who want to work towards one of the more advanced City & Guilds qualifications can choose the following courses.

There are 3 options to study: