Solar PV is Still Growing

Ever since the introduction of the Feed in Tariff, qualified electrical PV installers have been in high demand due to the increase in popularity of solar technology as an electrical energy source.

Even in our economic situation homeowners are still keen to spend their money and invest in solar PV with 44.3 pencSolar PV installer coursee per unit of electricity generated. That is 44.3 pence for every kWh generated by a domestic solar PV system, providing the system size is under 4kW and is completed between April 2011 and April 2012.

Homeowners are becoming much cleverer with their finances and can see the benefit of Solar PV, owners also receive an extra 3.1 pence per unit for the electricity they export to the grid.

Even though the Feed in Tariff scheme is under review, this change will be in favour of homeowners, as we reported in…  and will reduce the amount of large scale solar installations swallowing the FiT budget.

There is still plenty of demand for PV qualified installers to enter and successfully establish a business. In a difficult financial climate it can be almost impossible to find a job that has the potential for growth, but the electrical industry and particularly the solar panel installer industry is one that can offer growth and development to electricians and is a way to diversify and improve business and prospects.

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