FIT Review, Will It Affect PV Installers?

The recent announcement that the Feed in Tariff scheme would be subject to a review as the growth of the scheme has been much higher than the government anticipated is a concern for those in the industry.

The Secretary of State for climate change announced on the 18th March this year that the fast track Feed in Tariff’s would be reviewed as larger solar PV projects are using up large amounts of the FIT budget.

Solar PV InstallationProposals are being put in place to review tariff levels for PV installations that are greater than 50kW.

These large scale projects appear to be swallowing the FIT funding and making it very difficult for smaller domestic applications to gain funding.

It is important to note that this review will not affect domestic installations.

There is, in fact, still a huge opportunity for the Solar Photovoltaics industry as reports show that the UK is still a full decade behind leading European countries.

The other concern is the lack of qualified PV installers able to change this and bring the UK to the same level as the rest of Europe.

It would make sense for those in the electrical industry to complete Solar PV training in order to gain a skill that is in great demand. It will also ensure that PV qualified electricians are able to almost guarantee a steady stream of work due to a lack of qualified installers.

If you would like to be one of the installers that helps the UK out of the Solar PV skills gap, visit the Solar PV training course page for information on our Solar training course.