EDA President Encourages Training

Brian Smithers has recently been appointed as the new president of the electrical distributors association (EDA).

He gave a speech highlighting his plans to focus on attracting young people to the industry and on industry education.

Solar PV InstallationFirstly he plans to create new revenue streams around energy efficient products, one of the ways he wants to achieve this is through Solar PV.

“I am fortunate in my role as president of the EDA that I can act as an ambassador not only for our members but for the products… One of the most exciting trends to emerge is that of PV and with momentum continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate, there are certainly enough opportunities for us all to participate and share in the success of this unique product.”

Brian sees the electrical industry as being more interesting now than at any time in history due to the Government initiative to reduce the country’s Carbon Footprint by 80% by 2050 and that this is a huge opportunity for those in the electrical industry as well as those considering an electrical career.

Those considering electrics as a possible career choice, should consider the rapid growth of renewable energy, and the continued increase in demand for qualified Solar PV installers that is expected to take place as the country aims to meet the Government’s Carbon reduction targets.