Solar PV: Don’t Be Put Off

Renewable Energy Installer magazine recently showcased a case study detailing a West Country farmer’s decision to invest in Solar PV panels.

The dairy farmer, David Tory, has 600 acres of farmland to deal with and recently made the decision to install a Solar PV system on his farm for an investment figure of £135,000.

Solar PV CourseHowever, the installation is expected to provide £850,000 worth of energy savings for the farmer over a 25 year period. This is despite the recent changes to the feed in tariff scheme.  The profit is expected to be £650,000 which works out at 16% ROI.

The Government announcement that the feed in tariff would be cut by 50% has surprised and put Electricians off moving into the Solar industry. However, David Tory has said that even with these cuts Solar PV is still a good investment. He looked into all the costs involved and decided that it is still a very good deal.

Therefore, despite the Feed in Tariff cuts, there is still demand for Solar. This means that Electricians considering moving into Solar PV who are worried about whether it is a worthwhile investment should consider that as there is still demand for Solar installation, and that there is a shortage of qualified installers, learning PV skills would still be an advantage.

Get involved with Solar PV installation and help people like David Tory save money and make profit.

Written by Sara Thomson