Even Local Councils are Getting Solar

A leisure centre in Nottingham has had a 79kW solar PV system fitted which, it is hoped, will produce 65,500kw/h per year of electricity which will provide huge energy bill savings for the centre.

The whole system covers most of the bowling centre roof which measures 55m x 35m in order to maximise the solar power intake.

This particular project is the fifth solar PV investment by Gelding Borough Council who recently had systems fitted to other council buildings.

Gelding council have said that solar PV is one of the ways they can meet energy reduction targets and reduce fuel bills. They now have quite a few large buildings fitted with solar PV panels and have said that the money they save is being reinvested back to local residents.

Increasingly, solar PV is being taken up by companies and businesses who wish to become more productive financially and meet green targets.

There is plenty of demand for Solar PV Installers and those already qualified are benefiting from this as, according to reports, there is more work than installers at the moment.

Get involved with solar and help your local businesses save money and go green.

Written by Sara Thomson