“Not so Festive Quiz” Answers

Here are the long anticipated answers to our recent little “Not so festive quiz”.

So, how did you all do?

Check your answers with ours and tweet or message us if you’ve done well.

A) How many courses make up the Advanced Electrical Installer Course Package?
2) 8 courses.

B) What is the rating and colour of the plug top fuse as per the Code of Practice?
1) Red 3amp and Brown 13amp

C) How many training locations do PASS Training and Development have?
2) Three

D) How many parts and how many appendices are contained within the 17th Edition?
3) 7 parts and 15 appendices

E) What is the length of the Basic Electrics Course?
2) Three days

F) Within the field of Solar, what does the acronym PV stand for?
2) Photovoltaics

G) When undertaking an IR test on a SELV, what is the test voltage and minimum resistance?
2) 250V DC 0.5Ω

H) How many thermography courses does PASS run?
2) Three

I) What’s the extra test when testing a Microwave oven?
1) Microwave Leakage

J) What’s the first course you must sit on either of the course packages?
3)Basic Electrics

Thank you to everyone who took part on Facebook and Twitter. Look out for more quiz questions coming up in the future.