Go Solar with PASS Training and Development

PASS Training and Development are the leading North East of England training provider for electrical training and officially launched their Solar Panel Installation course whilst hosting the North Electrical Trade Fair (NET) this summer.

Solar Panel ArraySolar energy as an alternative source is increasingly being seen as a viable solution to the world’s energy problems and as such is a rapidly sought after commodity.

With it being said; “The energy that the earth receives from one hour of sunlight is enough to accommodate the world’s energy needs for an entire year.” the potential for this type of business is vast. With current energy supplies becoming critical, solar panel installation is set to take the lead in renewable energy training.

Being one of the only training providers offering solar panel installation training in the North East of England, with an in-situ solar panel array, PASS Training and Development are set to lead the industry.

The Certificate in Installing and Testing Photovoltaic (PV) Systems course takes delegates through a rigorous three day programme and is aimed at professional electricians needing to increase their skills.