Electrical Training for Girls

The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) conducted research which showed that women increasingly want to learn trade work over other professions.

The lack of females in the electrical industry has been a concern in recent years and is somethingFemale Electrician Triaining the industry is actively trying to change.

The research also highlighted that most female clients feel more comfortable with a female contractor. This makes the women in the industry very sought after.

Research of these clients showed that 47% of clients feel intimidated by a male electrician, 11% will only have a male electrician if they are not alone, 50% are more comfortable with a female electrician and 31% are more likely to trust a female’s opinion over a male.

The NICEIC research also focused on women between the ages of 16-24 years old and asked them where they would like to progress in their career.  63% of those asked said they were more interested in learning skilled trades than a professional job.

Most of these women said the reason for preferring a skilled trade was that a trade stays with a person for life, as oppose to an office based career where roles can be interchangeable.

Of the skilled trades available, electrician was the most popular with 35% preferring this career path followed by carpentry at 21% and plumbing at 20%.

Clearly, women are increasingly interested in electrical training and the industry is ready to welcome more skilled female electricians into the trade.

Help to reduce the gap and fill the demand for female electricians through electrical training courses with us.

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