Certified by Soreen

Certified by Soreen

Following on from the previous electrical training news post about one of our PASS Marketing girl’s doing her bit for Soreen’s World Record attempt, we catch up with her as she gets her certificate.

Being delighted to receive the official certificate from Soreen today, for her part in the record which was an attempt to generate the most amount of electricity in 24hours on watt bikes, she said;

‘I was part of the record breaking team of cyclists that on the 2nd of October cycled their legs off to help Soreen smash the existing world record’.

The new record has been verified by Guinness with the total number of watt hours produced coming in at 82,219 and smashing the previous record which stood at just 12,953.

Not content with breaking the world record, Soreen have donated all of the £10,000 raised to The Christie Charity.

Congratulations to everyone involved and to Soreen for breaking the world record.

So, how did our girl celebrate this afternoon? With a Soreen Go Bar, what else!