Soreen Cycle into the Record Books

Soreen Record Attempt SmashedOne of our PASS electrical training girls took part in the Soreen world record attempt. We are very pleased to announce that our girl helped break the world record which, after the weekend, now stands at 78,390 watt hours.

The record breaking ride has been confirmed by Guinness World Records as a brand new record for the ‘greatest quantity of electricity generated by peddling on static cycles for a period of 24 hours.’

The previous record stood at 12,953 watt hours and was held by Austria. There had been another attempt to break this record six weeks previously to the Soreen attempt but this one failed to reach the existing record.

Soreen, with the help of a couple hundred cyclists and our girl, managed to break the existing world record and set a new one that far outstrips the 2008 Austrian record. Not only that, but Soreen smashed the record in the first few hours with several 24 hour endurance cyclists nearly breaking the world record by themselves.

Velordrome Cyclists around the Soreen Bike TeamSet in the centre of the Manchester Velodrome with the Manchester cycling teams circling round the record breakers, it was the perfect venue for some record breaking cyclists and certainly kept the record breakers entertained.

Our girl has come back to us with very sore legs, but elated at the success of the event and the £4000 (aprox) raised for The Christie charity by Soreen. “I’m tired but would definitely do it again.”

Read more about the event at ‘Soreen Squidy Energy’ website.