Preventing Electrical Accidents with ESC

Over the summer the ESC have been busy visiting shopping centres across the country to highlight to the public, the ‘Plug into Safety’ campaign.

This is in an attempt to reduce the figures, which currently stand at 70 deaths and 350,000 serious injuries from electrically induced issues. The ESC have reported that many of these accidents are in fact preventable and RCD protection could help reduce these figures.

However, the shopping centre visits weren’t all about RCD’s, they were also a way of educating people on how they can improve the electrical safety in their homes.

ESC attracted people to the stands with a large game of Buzz which offered a £250 shopping voucher reward to the person completing the circuit in the fastest time. Once people had entered, they were then asked about electrical safety and were provided with information on common electrical hazards in homes.

If you would like information to provide to your clients on staying safe in their homes, visit the ESC website to download information and packs.

Written by Sara Thomson