NICEIC Make it to 17,000

In December last year NICEIC reached a figure of 17,000 electrical businesses registered with their Approved Contractor scheme.

The vast number of people registered with NICEIC proves that electrical contractors take the quality and assessment of their work seriously and want to be seen to be providing quality work.

If you include Domestic Installers within the registered contractor figures, it jumps to 26,000 registered contractors on NICEIC’s books.

Many of the people registering on the scheme as new contractors start off as small businesses working for themselves and often grow to businesses with employees.

Reportedly some of these contractors have said that NICEIC have always been simple to deal with and also provided great opportunities to grow their businesses, as by simply registering on the scheme, customers find them more trustworthy because of their association with a well respected name. Some have even reported that being an approved contractor has increased their workload.

NICEIC themselves have said that the number of people registering with them has increased over the last few months. NICEIC’s Certification Director, Alan Wells, stated that the increase in registrations is good news for the industry as it shows that despite difficult times, companies are still keen to ensure that their work is assessed and approved. It would be very easy, he reports, for cut backs to include things like certification.

However, the recent merger of NICEIC with ESC and ECA can only have had a positive impact on those who have registered and encouraged further registration from other contractors.

This merger means that all contractors registering with NICEIC will be featured on the Electrical Safety Register.

Written by Sara Thomson