Miniseries: Uninsured Electricians Increase

A recent survey revealed that in the last year, the amount of electrical tradesmen without insurance increased in number to 27.5% from the previous figure of 10%. These new figures make the electrical industry the UK business sector with the highest level of uninsured personnel in the whole country.

Electrical Contractor at workNot only this, but the electrical industry has the highest level of people who don’t understand their insurance policy or even why it is necessary.

Obviously things have become tough for everyone across all sectors in their home and work life with the recession driving up costs, but insurance is one area that cannot be allowed to slip.

These figures must not be allowed to continue, especially when considering that other business industries have much better figures like retail and hairdressing. It is important that the electrical industry improves these figures to become at least on par with these other sectors, if not better.

So over the next few posts we are going to look at the different types of insurance that electrical industry professionals may need, in order to clear some of the confusion and bring the uninsured contractors up to date with the reasons why insurance is important.

Look out for news posts coming up on:

  • Employers Liability insurance
  • Public Liability insurance
  • Professional Indemnity insurance
  • Personal accident cover

The first of these is coming this week so make sure you keep an eye out and learn why insurance is so important.

Written by Sara Thomson