Infrared Technology for the Electrical Industry

Electrical systems are complex and need regular periodic inspections to ensure that all aspects are safe for continued use.

Now however, more companies are using infrared technology to aid them in their diagnostics and examinations. Thermal imaging cameras can give a clear visual image to a trained eye of what is going on in the components and can spot any potential danger before it becomes threatening.

This is because thermography works by showing temperature through a thermal image. This can help prevent fires, as any components which are unusually hot can be dealt with and fixed immediately. Without infrared technology the problem may not be discovered before it is too late.

The other positive thing about thermal imaging scans is that they are completely non-invasive and don’t need to interrupt production to carry out analysis. It is this non-invasive procedure which is one of the reasons so many industries are now using thermography; from Medical Professionals, to Building Inspectors and Geoscientists investigating volcanic activity.

The use of thermography in the electrical industry is no surprise when we consider how serious potential electrical faults can be to human life.

If you are interested in getting into thermography take a look at the thermal imaging courses available and for thermography equipment visit our dedicated thermal imaging equipment site.

Written by Sara Thomson