Green Deal for Electricians

The Green Deal is the Government’s initiative to increase energy efficiency in UK buildings in public and private sectors. But will the Green Deal affect Electricians and those who carry out things like Solar PV installations?

What is the Green Deal?

The Green Deal was brought about as commercial and domestic properties account for almost 50% of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK and the Green Deal initiative will significantly help with the Government’s commitment to reduce these gas emissions by 80% by 2050.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change are responsible for the Green Deal with other bodies like the Department for Communities and Local Government factoring into the mix also.

Those consumers wanting to take up Green Deal measures will be assessed through a system of calculating the cost of the measures to be implemented against the amount of savings made. The savings to be made must exceed the cost of the installation to qualify.

How Can I Become a Green Deal Installer?

Systems installed under the Green Deal can only be done so by certified Green Deal Installers, if consumers wish to take up the financial and incentive payment systems in place.

In order to become a Green Deal Installer, you must be accredited from a UKAS Green Deal Certification Body, such as NAPIT. To become certified you must follow the process which involves assessments and visits by NAPIT.

However, if you are already registered under the Microgeneration Certification scheme, technical competence will be assumed and the new standards required will be simply a top-up of your current level.

Once you have completed the assessments, you will be registered with the Green Deal Oversight Body where your details will be added to the register of Green Deal Installers. This then gives you licence to use the Green Deal Quality Mark.

So, effectively any system which qualifies for Green Deal, which you are competent in carrying out, can be installed by you under the Green Deal.

It is expected that some improvements falling under Green Deal will be more popular than others, with things like Solar PV being one of the most popular improvements desired by consumers as they clamber to reduce their energy bills.

Written by Sara Thomson