Get your Kids Involved with Electrical Fire Safety Week

Many people in the UK still think they’ve saved themselves a tidy sum by getting cheap phone charges online from abroad, when actually these chargers could in fact have any number of dangerous faults on them because they do not come up to UK standards and are in fact copies of real chargers.

However, other people are allowing plug sockets to become overloaded and simply don’t realise that this overloading can cause overheating and fire. Some people have even been known to plug extension leads into other extension leads to create more space for plugs. This is extremely dangerous and is one of many reasons the Electrical Fire Safety Week campaign has been set.

Taking place all week up until Sunday there are a number of events going on across the UK to increase awareness and reduce the 22 deaths and 2,500 serious injury figures for electrical accidents and fires in homes.

Also, as part of the week, the ESC are working on the future generations to instil electrical safety from an early age by running a poster competition for children aged 4-11 years old. The competition is to design a poster which uses electrical safety around the home with ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ as the theme.

The children are encouraged to use resources from the switchedonkids website to help them and the winning poster will feature on the website and there is a prize on offer for the winner and the winner’s school.

The competition runs from the 12th September to the 9th November, so get your kids involved with what you do for a living and show them the importance of electrical safety

Written by Sara Thomson