Flexible Online 17th Edition and Exam Only

With e-learning and flexible studying now taking the UK by storm and with recent reports identifying the UK’s online and e-learning sector as the biggest in Europe, it’s no surprise that the electrical industry is now joining in this exciting and fascinating new way of learning essential skills.

As we all have busy lives and very little spare time, being able to achieve essential skills and qualifications in the most flexible way possible is very desirable. Now Electricians can gain the essential 17th Edition qualification via an online course and exam only booking.

This is a fantastic solution for busy electrical contractors who need to update their skills but can’t afford much time off work. The 17th Edition course is taken entirely online and is the same syllabus as the venue version of the 17th Edition.

The exam only part is the only section requiring attendance at a venue, however there are a huge range of venues to choose from all across the UK so there is bound to be one nearby.

The specification for entry to the exam only is that the specified learning hours for 17th Edition have been fully completed. This will be checked prior to granting access to the exam. Those who have completed the learning hours will be able to book their exam location and date, those who have not will need to go back to the 17th Edition training and complete the course.

This new way to learn 17th Edition skills is the best solution for those busy people who prefer to study in the comfort of their own homes. It is also a fantastic revolution in the way training can be delivered with fantastic technologies now meaning that quality training can be delivered in much more flexible ways.

If you are interested in the 17th Edition Online course or the 17th Edition Exam Only visit the course pages to find out more information or give us a call on 0845 365 39 45. 

Written by Sara Thomson