ESC Warning Over Fake Electrical Goods Increase

The ESC have recently issued a warning to all consumers as counterfeit electrical goods have flooded the UK market in time for Christmas.

This warning comes as a message for everyone to be careful when buying electrical goods which seem like a bargain and brings some worrying figures with it:

  • The highest level in three years of counterfeit goods has entered the UK
  • Top fakes are hairstylers, mobile chargers and electronic games
  • Severe electric shock and house fires are caused mostly by faulty electrical equipment
  • One in five adults are intending to buy an electrical item as a Christmas gift

To help combat this the ESC have issued a Safe Shopping Guide which they are hoping people will consult before purchasing electrical equipment for family and friends this Christmas.

The ESC are worried that with the increase in counterfeit goods into the country and the hunt for a bargain, is going to lead to millions of dangerous electrical devices in peoples homes this year.

With this year seeing the highest level of counterfeit goods being seized at customs in over three years, the ESC are concerned that these counterfeits and their potential dangers are going to lead to an increase in injuries and deaths as unsuspecting people use the equipment.

These items are almost always faulty and have a huge potential for overheating, catching fire, or giving off an electric shock. As one in five UK residents is expected to buy an electrical present for Christmas, the potential danger of these counterfeit goods is huge, especially if it is difficult to tell if an item is real or counterfeit.

So prior to making that final purchase decision, take a look at the Safe Shoppers Guide from ESC to help keep as many people safe this Christmas:

Written by Sara Thomson