ESC vs. Government over Part P

ESC reported recently that they are happy that the Government are looking at Part P, but are they entirely happy with the Government’s decisions?

The Government has decided to update Part P in two ways, one is in relation to the reduction of the range of electrical installation work that is notifiable, which is the work legally required to show compliance with the Building Regulations. This now means that any electrical work carried out in kitchens or in outside spaces is not covered by Part P regulations unless a new circuit is fitted.

The other update to Part P is the use of registered third parties to certify notifiable work instead of using a building control body. Before these changes, contractors not registered on a competent person scheme had to notify their local building control authority who would then inspect the work.

ESC has taken an involved role in the Government’s decision process on Part P and agree with the Government’s concern that Part P was too bureaucratic and needed streamlining to make it more effective.

Phil Buckle, Director General of the ESC said:

“While we support the amendment allowing a registered third party to certify notifiable work –  which we believe will reduce time, costs and inconvenience to both the consumer and the contractor – we consider it imperative that this is properly ‘policed’, in order to be effective and that the public are made fully aware of Part P and its requirements.”

ESC has also stated that they are unhappy with the decision to reduce notifiable work as, they say, kitchens and outdoor areas are high risk and require high standards of electrical work, and with Part P being the only legal protection for consumers, ESC believe that both kitchens and outdoor areas should remain notifiable.

Written by Sara Thomson