Electrics for Women

Increasingly more and more women are choosing the electrical world as their career choice.

The “Jobs for Girls” campaign has been helping to spread the word and increase the amount of women moving into the industry.

Traditionally the electrical industry is a male dominated profession with very little women entering, but the “Jobs for Girls” campaign aims to change this tradition and encourage more women to enter the electrical field.

Two such women have started their own electrical business, called “Elecchicks” they have women only staff.

The London based female electricians have set up their business focusing on customer service and a professional appearance, the electrician team are building their business steadily.

If you are a female interested in electrics but have been put off by its male dominated reputation, now is the time to fulfill your ambition.

Train to be an electrician with electrical training course. We have many different types of electrical courses to suit any type of work you would like to do.