ELCAS Approval Update

We recently reported that we had been given Enhanced Learning Provider status by the MOD ELCAS scheme for members of the Armed Forces to complete training courses using their Enhanced Learning Credit allocation.

Since being granted this status by ELCAS, we have had a great number of enquiries and course bookings from various members of the Forces who are considering a civilian career in the electrical industry.

Many have a number of military qualifications but need civilian qualifications to enable them to work in the electrical field.

The course packages are proving a favourite as it allows an individual to go from unqualified to fully qualified through a range of connected courses that are taken in order, but are studied at separate times to suit the individual learner.

If you are a member of the Armed Forces who will soon be on Resettlement or would just like to improve your skills, contact the training team on 0845 365 39 45 who will help you decide on the course best for you and how to claim your enhanced learning credits.