City and Guilds 2391-10 Course Discontinued, Replaced by New, Updated Courses

Due to the changes made under the 17th edition wiring regulations and various other factors, City and Guilds has replaced their existing City and Guilds 2391-10 course with two new courses.

Up until recently, the City and Guilds 2391-10 course was widely known as the industry standard course for those who wanted to test and inspect electrical systems. This course was officially retired towards the end of 2012 and has now been replaced by City and Guilds 2394-01 (Verification and Testing) and City and Guilds 2395-01 (Inspection and Verification).

Having two courses gives you more flexibility and allows you to train in either discipline. Both courses are made for existing electrical workers with sound working knowledge; due to the complexity of the courses, these are not recommended for beginners.

For more information on either of the new courses, please see the following links: