Thermography Training Courses Explained

PASS training run three thermal imaging camera courses for different requirements and uses.

Classroom introduction to ThermographyOne Day Introduction to Thermography Course

This course is designed for ‘newbies’ to thermography. It covers the simple uses, set up and application of thermal cameras. Including a practical hands on session, candidates can get expert one on one training with their cameras.

One Day Electrical Thermography Course

The most common thermography applications are manufacturing, electrical circuitry analysis and industrial machinery surveys. PASS Training run a one day electrical thermography course that is ideal for site managers, operation managers and thermal surveyors.

Five Day Advanced Thermography Training Course

ICT Level 1 ISO 18436 PCN Qualification

This 5 day in-depth detailed course is suitable for thermorgraphers, thermal surveyors and those responsible for the diagnostics of equipment. More advanced than the one day introduction course, this course covers in depth use, applications, theory, measurements and readings. On completion delegates will have a recognised thermography qualification. You will learn to carry out IR inspections following set guidelines and report the findings of the inspection.

These courses are all available online today and it’s a good idea to bring your own thermal camera to the training if you have one. However, there are a limited number of demonstration cameras available.