Thermal Imaging as an Electrician’s Tool

Many people in the electrical industry are using the latest technologies to aid their diagnostics work.

Industrial Technicians are the latest to take up new technology with the use of thermal imaging cameras for diagnostics and inspections.

Thermal Imaging DiagnosticsAn example of this use is the Technical College of Gothenberg who are now using Flir i7 thermal imaging cameras as part of their maintenance inspection training.

The college is in receipt of funds jointly from the Government and the car manufacturer Volvo. The car manufacturer has a site next to the college and allows the students to gain working experience of their trade and using thermal imaging cameras for diagnostics.

Many of the students say that they are certain to use thermal imaging equipment in their future electrical careers and view the technology as a fantastically advantageous tool to incorporate in their working life.

Thermal imaging technology used to be expensive and out of reach for most electrical workers, but now there are affordable thermography courses and thermal equipment to help you get the best possible skills.

What’s your opinion of thermal imaging technology in the electrical world, do you think you may include in your skills?

Written by Sara Thomson