There’s more to Thermography than Cameras

Introducing thermal imaging services to your electrical services offers a great opportunity to diversify and increase your business through the use of an increasingly in demand skill.

Thermal imaging is increasing in popularity due to its non invasive way of detecting potential problems in many different areas and industry sectors. It is becoming a very Introduction to Thermographygood way of detecting electrical problems and can aid an electrician in inspection and diagnosis.

However, just purchasing an infrared camera without any prior training or knowledge of infrared would be a mistake. It is important to have some knowledge of how thermal images work and how to read what you are looking at.

For example, problems must be put into context and electricians will need to know that not everything that shows up hot is a problem. Also, reflections can affect infrared readings. These and many other factors must be understood to ensure that the correct diagnosis is made.

Therefore, it is vitally important that you undertake some form of infrared training in the principles of infrared technology prior to offering it as a service.

PASS run a number of infrared training courses from one day introductions to five day intensive thermography courses.

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