The Future of the Electrical Industry

NICEIC and ECA have carried out research in order to ensure and secure a long term future for the electrical contracting industry.

Their research has led to the “2021 Vision” which attempts to show electrical contractors how to see past the present and look to the future.

They have come up with a list of opportunities under the title of “2021 Vision”, as follows:

  1. The Green Deal – the upgrade of UK housing
  2. Smart meters to be installed in all UK homes
  3. More apprenticeship prospects
  4. Renovation and sustaining of properties using new product advancements
  5. Business owner training in new equipment.PAT Business Start Up Course

These coming opportunities will add to the electrical industry and proves that there is a vast and varied future for the industry, especially as some of these measures have been set out by the Government as important changes for the future, as they take steps to meet their carbon reduction targets.

It is the electrical industry that will be one of the major fields that can help the Government achieve their ambitions.

Any contractor, who is willing and able to expand their existing skills and continually learn new talents, will only do well as these exciting changes happen.