Solar PV Training Problem?

The Solar PV market is rapidly growing as people are becoming increasingly aware of renewable energy.

With climate change and the Governments agenda for change towards renewable energy sources, it’s no surprise that Solar PV is a hot topic.

Solar PVLately it seems as if every company is jumping on the Solar PV training bandwagon. However, as Solar is fairly new to the mass market, some of these companies are inexperienced in the industry.

This makes it very difficult to decide which training providers are reputable and which are not. PASS are an established electrical training company who have been running Solar PV courses for some time, making us experienced and reputable in Solar PV an many other electrical course subjects.

Courses from PASS can also be studied by non electricians who will receive a different qualification to those with 17th Edition and Part P qualifications.

  • Qualified Electrician’s receive a Logic Certificate of Competence in Solar Photovoltaic Installation and a Logic ID card.
  • Non qualified electricians receive a Certificate for the Design and Verification of Solar PV

If you would like to know more about this and what’s involved, call the training centre on 0845 365 39 45 for further information and to book your place.