Solar PV Training, Make Sure it’s Reputable

An issue facing the solar PV industry is whether supply is capable of keeping up with demand.

A shortage of inverters is causing problems for the lead times on getting the equipment to the clients. This has eased recently and it is hoped that this will continue to ease and that supply will catch up with demand.

It’s not only parts that are in short supply but the lack of qualified PV installers is a big Solar Courseissue. There aren’t as many PV qualified installers able to actually install and connect the panels for clients. This is also causing delays in fittings and clients are left waiting.

There is also worry that some new entrants to the industry are not receiving proper training and are giving bad advice to clients.

This is why it is vitally important that electricians undertake PV training from a reputable Solar Panel Arraycompany and ensure that they thoroughly understand what they are taking on.

Our solar PV course teaches candidates in a state of the art training centre using indoor and outdoor roofing systems to allow training to the best possible standard. We also use all the different roof treatments that a PV installer may encounter to allow for every eventuality.

Call Carole or Amy in the training office for further information on 0845 365 39 45.