NAPIT Campaigns for Political Backing

During the recent Electrical Fire Safety Week, NAPIT stepped up their lobbying by visiting the Liberal Democrat 2012 Autumn Conference in Brighton.

The conference provided NAPIT with the opportunity of encouraging Liberal Democrat MP’s to support political efforts of improving the quality of electrical work carried out in homes across the UK.

NAPIT also launched the Electrical Safety Roundtable (ESR) on the 14th September 2012 as part of their belief in this campaign. The ESR saw the coming together of a number of people from the electrical industry with the aim of getting support from Parliament for the scheme to improve standards and legislation.

Initially the ESR was formed in June for the one-off purpose of addressing the lack of promotion and enforcement  of the existing competent person scheme.

However, the scheme still lacks the political support that the Gas industry version currently enjoys.

The ESR are continuing to work towards the goal of more political support and to improve safety for all and remove dangers caused by unregistered electrical workers.

Written by Sara Thomson