How to Choose a Training Company FAQ

How can I do a training course when it will cost me financially through the price of the course and time off my business?

Training should be approached as an investment rather than a cost. The vast array of electrical businesses means that in order to help make yours stand out from the rest, investing in your future can only aid your ability to grow. By doing this you are offering a better and improved service to your customers. This will put you in a good position to gain repeat work.

How do I know which training provider is stable, successful and able to provide me with the qualifications I need?

First look at theElectrical Training length of time they have been established. This allows you to define if they have had previous success and are managing to sustain that level of success over a period of time. Then look through their site and see if they have any kind of testimonials and quotations from others. This will allow you to establish the type and professionalism of the company.

Does it matter if they are not accredited?

Yes it does matter. Look for a provider that is City and Guilds, Logic, EAL and ISO9001 accredited to ensure that they have been thoroughly checked and inspected by these important awarding bodies and have satisfactorily met the standards. This ensures that the training they provide is to a high standard and means that you will receive a good level of training.

What if all the courses are delivered in classroom only environments? PASS Training and Development

This could be important, however it also depends on the course you are taking. Some electrical training courses are theory only courses so they need to be delivered in a classroom only environment. But, if you are taking a course that should have some practical elements, make sure you have all the facts about how much practical time is involved and what exactly it is you are getting.

What about taking time off work, I can’t afford to take loads of time off work all at once?

Make sure you ask how flexible the company is and how often they run repeat courses. It is important that you are able to fit any training around your current working commitments, a good training provider will be aware of this and will have taken steps to get around this issue. For example, our electrical training course packages have been designed to fit around current working commitments and cannot be taken consecutively for this reason. This means that you may study the first course in the package and wait a few weeks before the start of the next. This allows you to only take time off work at appropriate times and means that you don’t loose any money.