Austin Shaves it off for Charity

One of our long standing trainers is retiring in August after many years of training thousands of you to PAT test all across the country.

It’s staggering to think of all the people Austin Daly has helped to become competent PAT Technicians and move on to fulfil their ambitions.

Carole Jameson, Training Centre Administration Manager, has worked closely with Austin and had this to say:

“What can I say about Ozzie – I will miss him more than I can say, the man is an absolute legend – there is nothing I’ve asked him that he didn’t know the answer to; whether that’s about PAT Testing or which train I should get. The best thing about our Austin is that he is a true gentleman.”

Austin Daly It is this truly gentlemanlike way of dealing with everything that makes Austin such an irreplaceable character. With his immense knowledge and impeccable manner, he’s been an industry training giant for years.

On pending retirement Austin had this to say:

“I have been very fortunate in working for PASS for the last six very enjoyable years meeting many wonderful people on the courses;  on a quick calculation 6 years of 47 working weeks with an average of 3 courses per week and an average of six people per course; I must have taught in the order of 5,000 people.

But after 50 years of working life it’s time to move on to the next part of my life, enjoying new experiences with a hearty thank you to all of the people who have made  teaching so pleasurable for me.

But, Austin being who he is, he’s not going out quietly; instead he’s doing a sponsored beard shave in order to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

Taking place on the 9th July 2012, Austin’s beard will disappear and leave a clean shaven Austin, the likes of which we haven’t seen for seven years.

The British Heart Foundation campaigns to help stop premature death from heart disease through research and ensuring good care for current sufferers. It is an amazing charity that is well worth your time and thought.

If you are someone who was trained by Austin and have fond memories of his fantastic, relaxed training style and infectious personality, visit his sponsored shave just giving page and help him raise money for this worthy charity before he hangs up his waistcoat and tie and settles down to the life of a retired gentleman.