Apprenticeship Alternatives?

Recent figures suggest that almost a million young people are unemployed.

Amongst these unemployed youths, hundreds of thousands of them have been unemployed since they left school.

Electrical Training CourseThis is a problem as the current job market is difficult for most people, but even more so for youngsters who can’t possibly compete with more experienced people.

In the past, those wanting to undertake an electrical career would have completed an apprenticeship scheme, the trouble now is that there aren’t enough apprenticeships to go around all those that want one.

This puts great difficulty on youngsters wanting to enter the electrical industry and is adding to the already existing skills gap.

Rather than allowing a lack of the desired apprenticeship to let them become unemployed long term, those youngsters wanting to get into electrics should consider the possibility of alternative training like the course Packages.

These packages teach from no qualifications and allow learners to fully enter the electrical industry as a Domestic Electrical Installer, or an Advanced Electrical Installer depending on the desired skill level required.